Living well

Be an active part of things

Be an active part of things

Retirement isn’t about slowing down - but rather about doing more of the things we’ve always loved to do, right? We all want to continue to be a part of the community and feel a sense of pride and purpose. So at Arvida, we’re breaking the mould of traditional retirement living and we’re building communities that offer great ways to stay engaged.

Aria Bay offers beautiful private apartments in small boutique buildings of only 12 homes. Our large social areas and outdoor spaces form the heart of our small boutique community, encouraging residents to gather and socialise, creating friendly neighbourhoods and fostering genuine companionship.

We have spaces for exercising, relaxing, sharing conversations and having fun watching a movie or footy game. We also have a hobby workshop, and we love meeting family and friends for social occasions. Whatever your passion, you’ll be able to embrace it here at Aria Bay!

We all dream that when we retire we’ll have the time to do more of the things we love – so let’s get on and share that passion with others of all ages!

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Aria Bay & Arvida

What does it mean to be a part of an Arvida community?

Aria Bay is an Arvida Community, which means we are fully immersed in the attitude of living well! To help you feel younger for longer and actively engaged in life, we embrace the ‘attitude of living well’, which focuses on five key elements.

Eating well

Our on-site chefs provide great food which is prepared fresh daily.

Moving well

From Pilates fusion class to low impact walking we encourage you to continue engaging in your choice of movement to support mobility, balance and strength.

Resting well

We recognise the importance of rest and relaxation.

Thinking well

We recognise the importance of providing opportunities to engage your mind and value what your life experiences and knowledge bring to our community.

Engaging well

We encourage engagement with family, friends, and local community, as well as an active involvement in personal interests to bring you a sense of meaning and purpose.